Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rebel Jewelry v. Slabtown

Every great while the Icon team heads under the 405 overpass to explore the rough and tumble world of the Pearl. It's a vicious place filled with organic fruits, fruity fruits, and cosmo fueled scenesters. Not the place a mildly sauced biker wants to find himself after dark. But with a fresh latte in hand, and a gut full of Coors Light courage, we embarked upon our trek to the opening gala of the Rebel Jeweler. We bought nothing, but we did very much enjoy the free hotdogs and PBR. Thanks for having us and sorry about the 'farewell' burnout - it was ill-advised and immature. You know what they say - you can take Icon out of Slabtown but you can't take the Slabtown out of Icon. 

Giant green cock vs. Goldfish wall mural painted by Jason of Garage 31 

A meeting of the minds

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