Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pine Cone Run

Twisting through the backroads up and over the mountain pass a mutant pack of street-fighters, buzzing inline fours and tired twins make their way to the high desert of Eastern Oregon. Piloted by the staff of Icon they are on a hell bent mission to lay black marks from here to the edge of Idaho. Several hundred miles per day, minimal gas stops and no tourist attractions. This yearly voyage is what gets us through the rain soaked winter. This is what motorcycling is all about. You, your bike, your friends and shredding tires on what some say are roads laid by the hand of God himself. Make it home and you are awarded the annual Pine Cone Run patch. If not we'll send a trailer to pick up your bike.

There are times on the road when you stay in towns that make you question leaving you motorcycle outside all night. Especially your recently high sided and bought back from the insurance GSXR 600. Solution? Stuff it in the hotel room with you.

Observing the required 25 feet separation rule

You see strange things out on the road. This however was a pleasant sight, since the owner of this fine establishment happened to have a shift peg for an R1 we could borrow.

Strange things indeed.

Happy as a kid in a lard store

Over there is Idaho

If you make a wrong turn and find yourself on a dead end road in Idaho near the Hells Canyon Dam, turn around. Or else you might meet one of these guys. And by meet, we mean blast by him at well over the posted speed limit and wake him from his nap.

Shawn, Icon's Development Manager and resident tire expert, gives his opinion of exactly how much tire is left. He was correct. About another hundred miles worth.

Group shot from the 2008 PCR

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