Monday, January 25, 2010

Panic 1982

As most of you know by now, Icon takes great pride in churning out the most wickedest killerest helmet graphics of them all. In order to do this we associate with (and give monies too) the most illest group of illi's on the planet Earth. One of those guys is Lukas. A true champion of the Portland scene and connoisseur of the finest Absinthe. When he's not dropping bombs like the Dia De Los Muertos, Rockets Dead Glare, or Speed Cretin, he can be found color penciling covers for 8-bit Atari packaging. Check out the following jump for a sample of the crazy Lukas sauce .

[Australian Accent] "Three days ago I saw a rig big enough to haul that tanker, you wanna get outta here? You talk to me." -Max

A dark midwest basement in the middle of January - 'Band on the Run' playing on the turntable - and the pungent smoke of hand rolled 'Toledo Windowbox' filling the air... man I loved Atari 

And keep an eyeball peeled for Lukas' next Icon lid - the Zipperface - dark, disturbing, and sure to generate voluminous hate mail. We only do it out of love.

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