Thursday, April 15, 2010

Concept & Execution - The Game

Icon is a subculture within a subculture - a group of of like-minded riders operating outside the realm of respectable motorcycling. To capture this essence in a photo we imagined a reverent mash-up of 'Mad Max' and 'Fight Club'-esque imagery. This concept inspired the Spring 2010 catalog narrative, which in turn inspired the image of 'The Game'. As diligent students of the great post apocalyptic movie classics, we already knew the recipe for the ultimate dystopian setting. Multiple fires, a pair of brapping two-strokes (spinning clockwise of course), blatant cannibalism, firearms, and the ruler of the underworld lording over his minions. We managed to pull off all these elements save for two;

We substituted sixty cheeseburgers for the rampant acts of cannibalism. And while this feast wasn't portrayed in image or video, the remnants went on to feed the small colony of rabid raccoons who occupied 'The Game' photoshoot location. We also acquiesced on the firearms as - 1) We rather enjoy gainful employment  2) We felt that we had firearms pretty much covered in the then upcoming animation Slabtown Chronicles: The Delivery

The back corner of our wood framed tinderbox served as party central 

The photo crew adjusts the lights and prepares the rigging...

while Nick Apex practices his two-stroking

An early sketch depicting the Metalgod's rave party - the name has been changed to protect the innocent

Holding your arms in this position while wearing the Metal God jacket is not easy - that jacket weighs more than our Uzi

The GameThe sickly blue haze of spent fuel hung over the assembled like a premonition. The amber glow betrayed the impending mechanical violence. No waivers would be signed, no entrance fees collected. Preparations, hastily made, would be tested tonight. Alloyed metals, intended only for high speed endurance, would be subjected to obscene shear and loading. For this was the urban arena. A viscous asphalt playground where any mistakes would be painful lessons. Any victorys - fleeting glory. This new generation understood the rules perfectly. Gear up, dump clutch, and ride among us.


  1. That looked like a fun party !!!!

  2. it's never surprises me how much cooler you do things!!

  3. Metal God is the Man!!!!!!!


    #09/100 woohoo!!


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