Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busted and Broken - Head On


I just wanted to say thanks. I was recently in an accident where a woman turned into me. I was out enjoying a sunny winter day here in Virginia and the 1300 bucks I had just thrown into my bike. As I rolled through a school zone at about 25MPH, a car made a left turn in front of me. She hit me head on, throwing me over the hood, about 15 feet past her car.

Fortunately I was wearing your Domain Decay 2 helmet, and when my head hit the ground, it felt like I landed on pillows! I injured my right hip, right calf, left elbow, and had abrasions on my left shin, but no head or neck injuries. I had on ICON gloves and boots, and hell, maybe if I was wearing ICON pants I wouldn't have any abrasions on my shin! Thank you for putting major effort into your products, not only so they look good, but so they save lives. I definitely will be replacing my helmet with a 2009 "Death or Glory” model. To tell you the truth, I think your helmet saved me from a lot of pain and suffering, maybe death...



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