Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Concept & Execution - Street Angels

Lifestyle/fashion photoshoots often take hours to get just the right shot. In contrast, the Spring 2010 'Street Angel' shoot seemed to happen both instantly and effortlessly.
The reality is that a mountain of effort went into this shoot: designing the gear, spec'ing materials, integrating graphics, imagining advertising concepts, selecting the right models, finding a suitable location... But when the subject matter is so pleasant, the hours seem to pass in an instant.

Taken from the sketchbook of Icon graphic designer, Thad - initial pose concepts for the shot 

Concept sketches from the sketchbook of Icon product designer, Rob -  Rob 1, Thad 0

 Icon photoshoot special forces: 'A' Squad

Icon's preferred stylist, Katie giving Street Angel Sable a quick touch up

Walter (aka Moto Guat) fluffing props in the Sprinter van

Only Liz get's wings as she is Icon's Top Model 2010 - No, you didn't date her in highschool, trust us on that

Thoroughly considered compositions executed by dedicated professionals - Team Icon plays for keeps

The final Street Angels art for the Spring 2010 Collection

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