Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bikes of Icon - CMYK

You've seen it splashed across the pages of Road Rider - the CMYK R1 in all it's four color process glory.  Now check it out in it's natural habitat - in front of the crazy Japanese beverage vending machines. Filled with a dazzling array of beverages, we are constantly baffled by the choices and normally just end up with the unsweetened green tea. It's not that the unsweetened green tea actually tastes good, it's just better than getting a bottle full of grasshopper piss. Trust us, we speak from experience. 

Bike Courtesy of AFG MotoPhotos courtesy of Mark Boxer.

Dude, can you grab me a cold can of grasshopper piss or some diet cod juice? Thanks...

1999 - Arguably the best body style for the R1

Quick - someone call Eddy Grant 'cause Jstyle is fully mobbing Electric Avenue


  1. an absolute beauty to behold.

  2. Yes!!!! we had Electric Avenue playing from our Iphones actually when we shot this!! And then I tried to do some funky dancing like the dance master KW and they turned the music off! :-(

  3. i vote the 05 has the best body style for the r1


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