Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lord Stanley

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks on an excellent season. Though the Icon garage is more Rangers and Wings territory, it's always nice to see an original six team take the cup.  And for a bit of hockey trivia - Did you know the Chicago Blackhawks originated in Portland, Oregon? In fact they played at the Portland Hippodrome which was located in our beloved Slabtown district, a mere five blocks from the current Icon office. Portland, it seems, has a bit more hockey history than most people realize.

Portland's first professional sports team was the Portland Rosebuds. Not only were the Rosebuds the first professional sports team in Oregon, they were the first professional hockey team in the U.S. They joined the Pacific Coast Hockey Association in 1914. They were the first U.S. team to play for the Stanley Cup (in 1916, against the Montreal Canadiens). The initial team folded soon afterwards in 1918, but the Regina Capitals moved into the city and took the same name in 1925. However, this team folded after just a single season. After this, many of the team's players were traded to Chicago and became the core of the new Blackhawks franchise. In 1928 a new Portland team was formed called The Buckaroos. Both the Rosebuds and the Buckaroos played at the Portland Hippodrome, the world’s largest indoor ice rink at the time it was built. It was on NW 22nd and Marshall; it burned down in 1951.

Serious Old time hockey

The 1969 Buckaroos

The 'Slabtown' Hippodrome

The flat tin men of steel

A logo from the golden age of graphic design

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