Thursday, August 13, 2009


There’s something undeniable about camo. Whether it’s a Nam-era woodland, Gulf-era chocolate chip, or the current generation digicamo - no other pattern type elicits such visceral emotion. The Operator jacket is a fully armored mesh street garment replete with a multitude of tactically positioned pockets and velcro patches. Run it with the included patches or slap on your own unit or club badging. The Sub Operator glove is a midweight textile glove with up-armored plastic knuckles and a full Battlehide goatskin palm. Durable and mobile just like the mechanized infantry. Finally the Alliance SSR Operator helmet - with an exterior built ultra rugged to survive urban engagments - yet an interior so comfortable it’ll remind you of those two weeks R&R in Bangkok. The Operator gear from Icon - keep your powder dry and the worm will turn.

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