Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bikes of Icon - Operator

We got this thing for a sweet deal. The story goes that it was stolen and in the course of the joyride, wheelied over backwards. Most bikes can handle that kind of abuse and still fetch a fair price. Luckily for us, Ducati's can not. You see, most Ducatista's aren't doing their bike shopping out of the Nickel Trader. They prefer getting raped in the clean confines of an OE dealer while Swedish techno reverberates softly over German speakers. Icon on the other hand is not too proud to beg, barter, or borrow our bikes. So we offered the towing company a trade of two Home Depot gift cards, four cans of baby formula, a Hi Point .45, and $1300 cash for this fine bit of Italian kit. Sure the plastics and most of the subframe were scattered over a half acre of corn, but the price was right and the motor ran reasonably quiet. So it was back to the Icon lab to complete the metamorphasis of this rancid tent worm into a beautiful olive drab shitemoth. Some angle grinding, alloy bending, and rattle canning and she was ready to roll. The previous owner rode her like he stole her, which he did. We ride her like we hate her, which we don't, but its a clever thing to say.

Model  1999 Ducati   SS900 //  Front Tire Michelin Power Race 120/70 R17 //  Rear Tire Michelin Power Race 180/55 R17  //  Levers CRG  //  Exhaust Werkes USA Titanium Can  //  Airfilter K&N  //  Clutch Assy Barnett  //  Saddlebags Mount .50 Cal Ammo Cans Handformed Aluminum  //  Number Plate Handformed Aluminum  //  Headlight PIAA  //  Tailight Shucks LED Trailer Light  //  Mirror CRG  //  Chain RK 520 O-Ring

Alliance Operator Helmet

Hooligan Operator Jacket

Sub Operator Glove

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