Thursday, October 29, 2009

Block Wars

This is a photo of the Dock Boys all posed up on their Excelsior circa 1915. The Dock Boys, hailing from the rough Front Avenue shipyards, were known for their quick temper, excellent balance, and trademark dapper hats. A few years back the Icon Garage Team had a turf war with this crew over the disputed Slabtown blocks. It was a nasty rumble. The Dock boys brought their preferred weapons of choice - stevedore profanity and oily spit. This was considered a formidable arsenal in the era of steam and donkey. But the Icon Garage Team had long ago learned that harsh language and a jaw full of Red Man was no match for 1/4" plate steel and pure will. The Icon Garage Team, wielding their Spec Plus machetes , made short work of the Dock Boys. And that is how Icon claimed the Slabtown blocks for their own. 

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