Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busted and Broken - Long road home

What's left of the Gixxer

A scraped up Airframe Claymore looking
remarkably good considering the impact

Arc Seventh Seal after the paramedics cut it off

I'm a soldier who was home on leave after a long 14 month deployment. Last year I had the crazy idea of riding from Pensacola, Florida to AlbuquerqueNew Mexico. I made it to my destination safely but on the way home I ran into a little trouble. Somewhere around West Point, Mississippi someone decided to pull into my lane without looking. I tried to swerve and miss the car but it was too little to late. I ended up being thrown off my bike and into the cars rear window head first! Needless to say if it wasn't for my ICON Claymore helmet and Arc Seventh Seal jacket I'd be a lot more cut up. As soon as my bikes fixed I'll be buying all new ICON gear. So thanks! I owe you my life!

SPC James F.

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