Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Logo Critique

There's nothing like rolling into the shop on a grey Portland morning, fresh cup of venti in hand, to find a handwritten design critique stuffed in the door. Thanks for the advice Jenna. You're a champ. We're going to contact your 'Intro to Graphic Design' professor and get you that gold star you so clearly desire. In the mean time keep an eye on your commercial art dreams and your leg hair away from your fixie's sprocket. Cheers.


  1. Jenna's schedule over at the Art Institute of Portland is apparently too full for an Intro to Writing class. And on top of that, the poor girl is quite obviously an idiot.

  2. What a tool... sounds like someone trying to sound smart without doing their homework first. ()con riding gear... hmmm sounds like a taiwanese rip off of the original.

  3. she's an (i)tard.


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