Thursday, November 5, 2009

TiMax Glove

As a product designer sometimes you draw something that is truly special. The TiMax glove was one of those products - truly polarizing - uniquely Icon. We've seen this glove worn by everyone from backstreet hooligans to BMW Sport tourers to roadrace nazis. Who knew that the medieval look would prove so universally appealing?   

The concept was to design the most intense motorcycle glove ever

The original ad concept showed the glove punching a mirror off a car - the finished ad was a bit more conservative

A positive review from Cycle World - which is unusual given that they don't care much for our 'kind'

Around 2008 we re-released the short cuff version of the TiMax - and it's associated ad - for which we received the usual hate mail


  1. More product illustrations! They make for a very sexy time for all of us.

  2. This product is one of them main reasons I gravitated to Icon. From the time first introduced til now, it's truly the most badass glove I have ever seen or owned.

  3. Are you ever gonna release the timax long again?

  4. There are currently no plans to re-release the TiMax longs. Sorry...


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