Friday, January 1, 2010

And the winner is.....

After digging through tons of entries and much heated debate amongst the Icon staff, the winner of the 24Kt Bling Gloves is......

Hello fellow ICON friends.  I feel most deserving of your golden luminescent items of HANDware that appear to have fallen from two wheel heaven, because ever since I was a young boy in my village, I have done whats right.  Brought up by only the poverty stricken townspeople of a desolate city in eastern Bulgaria, I grew up with little luxuries.  Field mice provided nourishment for weeks at a time, and working in the mines was back braking.  When the slave traders decided to shut down the mines and burn the village, I felt my calling.  I rounded up a posse of my kinsmen and resisted the slavers.  We took up arms together, used what we had at our disposal, and took back our land.  In the final battle, I jumped on my motorbike and dashed after the lead trader, Trader Joe.  Sword drawn, I jumped at him.  He avoided me, and stabbed clean through my hand.  I recovered, killed him, and saved the town.  Had I the glory of your glove, I would not have sustained such a painstaking injury.  That is why I am most deserving of your glove.  I am a HERO.

Parker B.

Second Runner Up:
Quite simply, so I can get bitches. And as we all know, bitches love gold.

Brandon Z.

Third Runner Up:

The ride is all that

matters, some
may admire me for
slithering through traffic
wonder if i
have a deathwish
for being so exposed 
to the elements...
i pay them no mind. 
the ride, and the PasiĆ³n 
for the lifestyle is all that
keeps me sane. knowing that
i can ride again the next day?
its the ICON in me that keeps 
a goon grounded. 

Ian H.

Thanks for all the great entries and keep an eye out for our next contest in January.

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