Monday, March 1, 2010

Win a Airframe Carbon Fiber Helmet!

The well stickered fridge is a staple of any shadetree mechanic's garage. Typically housing nothing but spare parts, tools and occasionally keeping a keg on chill - mom's old fridge is a shrine adorned with die-cut marketing swag. For this month's contest we want to see your sticker temple. We aren't looking for a refrigerator with tons of Icon stickers, although that would be cool, we want to see the most bad ass sticker collection out ever. Extra points will be awarded for hella old-school BMX stickers. Stickered up tool boxes also will also qualify. And just in case you were thinking about it - don't send us a googled pic of someone else's fridge...that's sacrilege!

A Slabtown Garage Team member's shrine

The winner of this contest will receive an Icon Carbon Fiber Lifeform helmet in his/her size and colorway choice and a pack of Icon stickers!


Entries should be sent to: no later than March 30th, 2010 0700PST. The winner will be announced on the ICON blog March 31st, 2010 0700PST Please include your contact information including a valid email address and working phone number.

Contest Open to residents of the 50 united States only. 
One entry per person please.

See site for official rules and regulations.

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  1. I guess foreign riders like me in Paris still can't compete...

  2. can't wait to take a picture and upload it. I own a airframe helmet that has some miles on it and since this helemt came out i've been telling my friends that this is the greatest helmet made to date.

  3. Hey Jérémie - We recognize we have a lot of Icon fans outside of the US and that our contest rules are a bit 'limiting'. We feel your pain and hope to have the rules fixed soon. We definitely appreciate the worldwide support that Icon receives and we want to return the love. Please bear with us...

  4. ah crap! jus finished shootin my pics and read the stateside only rule.No sweat,there will be other comps.My love for ICON is big :-)

  5. Love my mainframe skul? lid...
    none of this cartoon skull
    real looking chains and barbwire...


    on the flip side I just scrapped my toolbox with all the stickers (drawers where garbage!)

    all I have left now is my roller box thing that I keep my power tools in (and a couple extra bike parts)


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