Thursday, April 22, 2010

Urban Reminiscing

The year was 1985 - I had just turned fifteen and coerced my parents into letting me get a moped license. When you're fifteen years old and living in surburban USA, ownership of a moped is akin to getting patched in as a 1%'er - an adolescent outlaw. Sure, they'll only do 30mph - but mechanized freedom has never been defined by a top speed.  The king of mopeds during the early 80's was the Honda Urban Express. Far more refined than it's competition, the Suzuki FA50 or the Yamaha QT50, the Urban Express was as close to a real bike as a fifteen year old could get. With stripped off fenders, mirrors, and signals I ruled the 15 mile radius around my parents house.  It withstood a ton of abuse, both on and off-road, and continued to run even after my misguided performance mods (drilled holes through the head pipe for increased flow). I even wired in a cigarette lighter to fire up my Lucky filters because in the 80's kids were still encouraged to smoke. In 1986 Honda would introduced the Spree, a cool moped in it's own right but it would never match the Urban Express for 50cc streetfighter style. Great bike, great memories. -Kurt

Tall wheels, tall risers, tall style


  1. There is one of those parked over on Lovejoy just down from Emanon, chained to a gas meter I think! Maybe a Puddle Cutter!?

  2. I still have one of those! Awesome little moped, with plenty of character!


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