Friday, May 28, 2010

Congratulations Delbert S. from Fayetteville North Carolina!

Delbert and his crew in North Carolina know how to throw down the kind of gathering we like... except we're a little freaked out by any game called "Corn Hole"!

Our bike night is may not be so different than the normal hooligan traffic, adult beverages and free patio BBQ every Saturday night. Yes, we have our occasional stunt riders, ride in bike shows, T-shirt give away and back yard BBQ games (ie. Corn hole, ladder ball, washers ect.) while talking “bikes” over live music.
What is different than other local bike nights here in town is the unity in diversity! From 6pm until the night closes at last call, we have a constant flow of diverse motorcycles and riders rolling in on 2 wheels. Metric cruisers, custom choppers, garage built death traps, Harley Davidson’s, Street fighters, cafĂ© racers, street bikes and slammed and stretched Suzuki’s fresh from the drag strip!
Our motley crew of folks range from the business man, military soldiers fighting for our freedom, to the mechanics at our local Indy shops. Motorcycle clubs attend sporting their colors, and showing respect to other MC’s in attendance. The nod, handshakes and clashing of mugs in a crowd of various riders, validates what a bike night is truly about.
I myself, ride my 2 wheeled “death trap” I built in my garage, but love all bikes in general.  So, my favoritism to “our” bike night is that of taste!  My taste is for various assortments, which segregated bike nights held in other locations cannot fulfill. With the numbers of attendees growing each Saturday, I am positive I’m not the only one who feels this way!

Delbert S. Brookberry NC
Follower "Mutiny"


  1. He is fellow DB as well, we know him as Mutiny! haha way to go Del.

  2. I wonder if the gal eating the wiener enjoys playing "corn hole"?

  3. @ grantgarlisch- I was there that day... it was an more than interesting sight to see that! ha!

    -Props on my boy, John "Gotti" Goudie doin his weekend duty of stunting.


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