Friday, October 1, 2010

El Blanco Diablo

When El Blanco Diablo showed up on the doorstep of the Icon garage we were horrified. First off, she wasn't 'blanco' - she was actually a sickly stock black. Ducati refers to this fine shade of mica flaked obsidian as "Hipster Default Dark"...we just call it lame. There's an old adage in the Icon garage - if stock is for suckers, then stock Ducati's are for supersuckers. Being neither gentlemen nor scholars it was easy to take our liberties with the virgin S2R. Though 'no means no' in most garages, her Italian whimpering was lost on our cruel hearts and greasy hands. Slashing up the base model Ducati was very easy - for indeed, we had done far worse to much nicer. The stock silencers were immediately yarded with no intention of replacement. The incredibly awful stock suspension and brakes were eBay'd to make room for not quite as awful Supersport components. Belt covers, license plates, indicators, and any other component ripe with the stench of DOT conformity were condemned to the shite bin. Finally, like the little tease she is, we lathered her in a fine coat of white pearl and defamatory scribbles. Eventually she would be shipped back east from whence she came. With her name changed and all record of her past indiscretions buried she would make some fine young man an angelic bride. Only the Icon garage team would know her true story. And we aren't talking. 

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