Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gangster Bob

Gangster Bob is all go and no show. Except for his chrome German helmet - that is very much show. So you may ask - why is Bob gangster? The fact is that Gangster Bob refuses to wear gloves, regardless of the weather condition. 28 degrees outside, snow flurries, and Bob ripping thru the night on his hardtail springer...No gloves. Pissing ice cold Portland rain, 75 mile run back from the coast, and jaw frozen in a defiant snarl...No gloves. An early spring blast thru the Columbia river gorge, razor sharp gravel daggers hurled from logging truck tires...No gloves. Friends - that is why Bob is a gangster and you are not.

Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em


  1. Bob is so ganster, even seeing him wear his Members Only jacket is a rare occasion...

  2. Bob is an idiot. I can't think what my hands would be like without my timax gloves.

  3. @xxgawdlessxx Um..that's kinda harsh. While the Icon team definitely recommends wearing gloves whenever you ride we have never mandated it. The fact is Bob does not wear gloves. Ever. It's a personal choice and we respect that. Bob is a rider. Bob is hardcore. Bob is gangster.


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