Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Anybody have any idea what this cartoon is about? (Yes, we know it's Russian)


  1. Link to actual cartoon:

  2. it's says icon vs. icon (like icon in the church) look at the flag with Jesus :D

  3. It's a wordplay on russian word "Icon", which means a religious symbol.
    There are russian bikers who support orthodox christianity and this one making fun of them.

  4. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's literally "Icon Vs. Icon" as it stating how one is protected by ICON gear and the other one is protected by safety icons i.e. nun in the back seat and the poster of Jesus...

  5. Icons in Russian Orthodox are religious symbols. The small dudes shirt says "Orthodox or Death"

  6. Well, guys, you should hire someone Russian, me for example, to deal with russian cartoons :)

    This particular one plays on the point of multiple meanings of the word "icon". For every biker in Russia this word means a religious work of art and at the same time a state-of-the-art brand of riding gear :) (now, that was a deep lick :)

    The meaning of the picture could be understood if you read the story here:

    (sorry i forgot your only foreign language at school was english :)

    So, it happened in July, 2009 when russian MC "NightWolves" had a group ride from Moscow to Sevastopol, which is in your 53rd state of Ukrain :) "NightWolves" are exposing themselves as highly religious band of brothers, but to tell the truth for me they look like a bunch of arrogant S-holes, though it's just my personal view.
    And they are great friends with Putin, by the way! This year he rode H-D Trike with them to Sevastopol. What a f*****g shame for the bikers' world!

    Anyway, on that day of July, 15th, 2009, "NightWolves" were riding through the streets of Sevastopolia with traditional Russian Orthodox gonfalons, and one of members had a passenger - a topless ukrainian prostitute. Ooops! It looked frivolously and confusive :)
    Nobody understood it. The guy lost his colors, was banned out of the wolves, and almost lost his face, literally speaking. There was much ado about this on russian internet. Some were questioning the dresscode for the Second's - should they look like nuns or whores? Some could even see a typical biblical subject in this story - repenting Maria Magdalena on a bike...
    And, finally, that prostitute claims that a 3-minute ride on a bike changed her life completely - she gave-up prostitution, works as a teacher now, visits church every day, and spent all her bottom-earned money on restoration of the old city of Khersones. All hail Ktulhu!

    Voila! One soul saved. The guy got his colors back. Everyone is happy.

    Looks like a BS to me :)

    That's what the picture is about. The guy on the right side wears t-shirt saying "Orthodox or Death" and his girl is dressed in orthodox nun's wear. And, of course, the orthodox gonfalon with icon on it.

    And on the left side you guys know everyone :)

    See ya!


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