Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Take it to the Limit(er)

Bye bye blog. Hello LIMITER! We are pleased to announce our newest foray into the digital sprawl. We call it Limiter. Based on the Icon Moto blog, Limiter will encompass the same daily info feed as well as integrating some exciting new features. Foremost among these features is the new community section.  Think of it as the old 'follower' section on HGH. Not only can you upload your photos to the community section, but you can add a write up to those photos. It's like having your own virtual bike lift within the Icon garage. Share your build story. Share pics of your favorite bikes. Share photos of your smoking hot girlfriend. Whatever you like. The member with the most recent post goes to the top of the community list. As a further incentive to post (as if you needed more incentive than fleeting internet fame) we will be selecting a community member each month for a shoutout and a box full of free Icon swag.

Other features of the new Limiter site include an integrated Facebook and Twitter feed to keep you up to date on all the latest Icon chatter. A new gear section highlights the latest offerings from the Icon product team. And a refined post tagging system simplifies the historical search process.

The final upgrade, which is already known to you if you are viewing this diatribe on a smart phone, is the Limiter mobile specific format. We've spent an inordinate amount of time to keep the mobile site format minimal yet still maintain functionality. All in all Limiter was a ton of work, but we feel it was worth the effort.

**As for those of you who are followers of this blog - we thank you for 'Riding Among Us' (digitally speaking). When you move over to the LIMITER site you will have to re-register in the community section. Yes - it's a bit of a PITA, but we weren't able to port your account over to the new site. The two site formats were not compatible, sorry. But we will say that the community section on LIMITER is way better plus you'll get a free sticker for your effort. Yay!

Take some time to check it out. We hope you enjoy Limiter and become a community member. Please update links to Also, if you have any suggestions to improve Limiter by all means drop us a line at

Team Icon

FYI - Keep an eye out in March 2011 for the next edition of Limiter magazine. The Icon crew has been hard at work designing, building, shooting, & riding - we've got gigs of new product and content. Stay tuned - it'll be saucy.

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