Saturday, December 19, 2009

Busted and Broken - Center Punched

I got into an accident in December of 2007, when a drunk driver turned in front of me. Long story short, I totalled that Suzuki truck like it got hit by a comet. My injuries are so extensive it sounds fake. I tore the aorta in my heart, ripped my brain, and crushed my arms, back, ribs, femur, not to mention shredding my tendons and ligaments as well as multiple bones. And that wasn’t the worst of it!

I tore my organs up: there was no reason for me to be living and breathing. My chest crushed in the gas tank on my Ninja 636. I was so swollen that  they cut me open and pretty much gutted me. To this day I have a 2 foot scar like an alien coming out of my stomach. I was in Stony Brook hospital for over two months and St. Charles for a month of rehab. I have over 6 feet of metal in my arms, hands, legs and 2 titanium experimental stents in my heart keeping me going.

And the best part is I didn’t have one scratch on me (ha ha!). All in all I made a 100% recovery - I do everything I used to do and you could never tell the difference. My Dad says I got better looking too!

I was wearing an Icon Domain 2 Rubatone when I went down. I still have it fully intact, but my Strong Arm jacket they cut off me like a cross. So I wanna say thanks for saving me! If I didn’t have that stuff on I'd be in a box.

Nick M.

Domain helmet post carnage - it's all about energy management

De-raking a 636 the hard way

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