Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Icon Sporty Update

Someone once said "Cool is a journey - not a destination". And by someone we mean Icon.  So we continue on our journey - propelled ever onward by the rapidly growing fleet of Slabtown Sportsters.

From apes to flattracks to clipons the Ironhead formerly known as 'Cold Dead Fingers' continues to evolve. She has given up her dirt track aspirations in lieu of ruling the high banked ovals of the greater tri-state area. Therefore we will now refer to her only as the 'Iron Lung'. Is she fast? Son, you better ask somebody...

You may not recognize this beauty after her much needed face lift. Yes, this is the previously documented Shitester. Eight hundred and eighty three cubic inches of fury. She is what is commonly referred to as a mechanics special or in old english a 'Shitebox'. But not to worry - big changes are headed her way. Things are gonna change for her, I can feel it.

And making her grand debut is the 'Cast Iron Bitch'. Years in the thinking, weeks in the making - she's a '80/'83/'85 Ironhead powered oxymoron. Don't blame Hodaka for this creation - they had nothing to do with it. No, this fine bit of engineering is all Slabtown. Nothing says Anemic like the word Anemic written in tire pen on your frame. She's a fine steed no doubt and would make any Vans wearing, ollie popping, glittery helmed biker proud. Currently we are debating if we can add another bend to the jockey shift lever to increase her legitimacy. What's that you say? Hardtail drop seats are so fat tire. Dammit - that is time critical information - we need to get on a better tweet feed!

Haven't got your fill of the most noble of Harley's yet? Head on over to Quad Cam Bastards for a complete overload of Sportster love.


  1. Cast Iron Bitch looks like the kind of scoot that would try and fuck your wife but then apologize with a beer.


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