Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dust Busting

We're not quite sure what was in the water from 1984-1990, but from an industrial design point of view it was fantastic. An era of  'dust buster' streamlining when design was still done with chartpak AD's and prismacolors. A time before rapid prototypes when the future was shaped in bondo, clay, and foam. The last generation of designers required to actually draw - before the computer killed our craft. In solemn remembrance of that special time, Icon turns up the Depeche Mode and raises a strawberry Bartles & Jaymes. Via Con Dios late-eighties, you will be missed.

 The Nuda concept bike from Suzuki - circa 1986 - Fresh!

1990 EZ-90 Cub from Honda - a mint one now sits in the Icon office - there is no denying what we are .

 1989 CBR600F1 - defining the 80's with mass appeal plastic wrapped style - the white, red, and blue being the best colorway offered. This particular example is a recent addition to the Icon Garage Team's harem.

The Lamborghini Countach in white - an ashtray full of blow and head full of mousse - the ultimate players whip. Oh yes, someday she will be mine.... 

Salomon SX-90's - one buckle rear entry's - the orange and blacks owned the slopes.

While Syd Mead owned the universe.

The origin of a species - say what you want but as a stylistic icon this vacuum rules. Ironically, as an actual vacuum it sucked.


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