Monday, January 11, 2010

Busted and Broken - Painted Pavement

I was in a low-speed crash this weekend and was knocked out in the process. Your helmet saved me, and your boots protected my feet. Both items are ruined but I know I’ll be replacing them with your products, as they performed perfectly. I would like to tell this to the right person at your company in my own words, as it is very serious to me.

Damage to the bike and myself was minimal, but after looking at the helmet, I know it saved my life. It was my first time wearing the boots but if I was in casual shoes I feel I would have suffered foot damage. The helmet photos show a crack at the back of the helmet (middle of the skull art), which tells me it was a hard impact. The grey line is not just a chip in the paint, but runs completely through the fiberglass shell. That says the helmet did its job. Thank you once again for your products. Although my wreck wasn’t "glorious", it still could have been life-threatening. 

I guess I should explain. I was pulling onto the highway and went over a painted arrow in the turn lane. The roads were dry and it wasn’t freezing out, but pavement marks often get slick. My bike slipped, then caught dry pavement and high-sided. It threw me onto my head. The next thing I knew cops and paramedics were standing over me. One of the State reps (a friend of mine) is going to talk to the D.O.T. about why the markings are so dangerously slick. 

Now, I will start saving up to get a replacement helmet and boots. They definitely will be ICON.

Name Withheld by Request

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