Friday, January 15, 2010

E-Dub gets a foot job

Last weekend Icon team member Ernie Vigil looped a wheelie while performing at the International Motorcycle Show. Proving that even the most gifted of riders sometimes get the proverbial horn. Ernie landed under the bike allowing the footpeg to penetrate the heel of his Puma/Ducati shoe. The resulting foot injury is pretty gruesome. Though Ernie is expecting a full recovery he'll be out of commission for at least six weeks. 

Just for to clarify some misguided internet gossip - Ernie was NOT wearing Icon footwear when this accident occurred. The Puma/Ducati shoe he was wearing is in no way affiliated with Icon. 

Screen capture as Ernie 13 o'clocks the Monster

Still wanna wear those skate shoes when you ride?

About the only time Ernie isn't smiling

 Pieced back together but it's gonna hurt for a long time

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  1. ok, that's gross. Glad to hear that he'll be making a full recovery.


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