Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Concept and Execution - GSXR Collection

Not every ad we do can feature fire jumps, chain beatings, kissing lesbians, or smoky burnouts. Sometimes even Icon, the moto kings of industry disrespect, have to notch it back a couple. Such is the case with the GSXR Collection ad. Strict corporate guidelines dictated that the GSXR gear be portrayed in a more 'family-friendly' manner. The Icon design team, being extremely clever, produced the following. Not exactly a cutting-edge hate-mail inducing ad campaign but successful none the less.

Initial (non-offensive) GSXR ad comp in pencil, pen, and marker

Prepping the bike and checking the lighting

 Exploring different photo composition options in the studio

The finished print ad featuring our favorite girl Liz and Portland's own cage fighting hero Greg Thompson

 ...And a digital version - You can click for more details but we won't give you Liz's digits

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