Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Nick & Ernie Show

A few days ago we let the world know that Nick Apex  and Ernie Vigil were now officially part of the Icon team. What you may not know if that both Nick and Ernie have been working for Icon for quite some time. We've documented some of their labors to give you a full picture of the glamour involved in being part of the Icon team. Enjoy.

The Icon staff bikes sustain a fair amount of damage from our belligerent riding style. Here Nick installs some new Hotbodies plastics while Ernie provides his 'pinchers of doom'.

Nick puts his CDL to good use moving pallets around the Icon superstore while Ernie gazes longingly at Nick's fly kicks.

Nick determined to accurately crosscut a 2x4 whilst Ernie throws down some blue steel.

After a hard morning of work Nick and Ernie take a well deserved break. They prefer cheap donuts and a vaporized mixture of Coke and maple syrup. In volume it's far cheaper than energy drinks. Besides their wicked riding skills, Nick & Ernie can eat super fast. 

Nick enjoys another cheap creme filled. Ah...sweet dough of life. Behind him is the Icon computer server. It's an older model but it gets the job done.

 If we could only package Ernie's smile and put a price on it...

Ernie taking one of the Icon warehouse toys out for a hot lap during some down time. The Cretin is as the Cretin does.

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