Thursday, January 7, 2010

Concept & Execution - Bombshell Jacket

The process of designing a jacket is lengthy. Initial concepts, the most fun part of the process, need to be sketched out. Then the artwork is refined in the computer. Samples are generated by skilled pattern makers and the revision process begins. Every seam, snap, zipper, and material is considered for both functional and aesthetic qualities. Soon the jacket is ready for a battery of testing. Icon test all our jackets for abrasion resistance, chemical innocuousness,  color fastness, etc. They are also put through countless miles of real world riding. Only after the jacket passes this testing is it ready for production. 

Early roughs for the Bombshell chassis with some possible graphic treatments

Computer refined artwork and possible color combinations 

The Patternmaker turns the Designer's 2D artwork into an actual jacket - The Designer than tells them all the ways in which they have failed

Every detail needs to be designed - this is the inner label and jacket lining print

Fitted, stitched, road tested, and ready for action

The Bombshell jacket - fully fleshed out by our favorite model, Liz

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