Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Intentions - The LBJ400

Contrary to popular belief, not everything the Icon Garage Team touches turns to gold. For a couple of years this beautiful example of an XR400 sat patiently in a back corner awaiting her date with fame. You may remember her from the Speed Cretin write-up in which she was carelessly referred to as a 'whore'. Nothing could be further from the truth. She was actually a lovely gal that just needed a bit of freshening up. And we intended to do just that. But as so often happens, life - and other more glorious builds, got in the way. Eventually she would be sold for scrap and all memories of her existence purged from Icon's mind. But fear not - an CRF230 just rolled into the shop today with dreams of becoming a street tracking starlet. All is not lost.

Straight from the depths of Tillamook Burns - a two wheeled Honda tractor

Inspiration from Chica..

..and the Master Shinya

The XR stripped down for initial mockup

Equipped with Ironhead Borrani wheels, ZX10 Front End, and a Jstyle for scale

The initial comp drawing...

...and one a bit more refined

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