Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Number 33

Hey Icon,

I was one of the lucky ones to get a VICTORY METAL GOD jacket (#33). The moment I saw this jacket in your spring catalog 2010 I knew I had to have one . I contacted Cycle Gear in hopes of getting a jacket. They got the ball rolling and called me the next day to say that they were able to get me a jacket. This morning before going to work I stopped by Cycle Gear's Auburn store to pick it up. I must say I had a hard time falling asleep the last night - it felt like I was 6 years old and it was the night before X-mas morning.

I was so excited and so nervous as I pulled into the Cycle Gear parking lot. It was LOVE at first sight. As I opened the jacket bag and pulled out the jacket I immediately noticed the soft black leather and how carefully the jacket was made. The difference in weight because of the metal skulls - WOW! - as I inspected the item I noticed the signature of Mr. Walter and the #33. I knew right there and then that this small dream of owning a piece of ICON history was mine. Thank you for producing and designing such safe and cool products. I also want to thank my wife for letting me spend this kind of money. She knows how much I love and wear ICON gear.

Your most devoted fan,
Mike A.


  1. Mike,

    Congratulations! What an amazing jacket! Way to represent Washington State and ICON. By the way, I LOVE the "No Parking Anytime" sign in the back ground!

    Brandon V.

  2. Congratulations!! It is an amazing jacket!! I myself have #9/100!! When I first seen this jacket I knew I had to have it!!

    It is an amazing feeling on owning a piece of history from ICON!! I will always cherish this jacket!!

    Thanks ICON

  3. I will like to know in what state or country the rest of the jackets are it will be cool to meet these riders and read their story why they got this jacket? How did they get it? And what do they think about it? Maybe a bike night and have most of the riders with their jackets together In Salbtown, OR.

  4. That would be awesome!! I got mine #9/100 from MOTOSRANO in Redwood CA, Joe the owner was an awesome person that I delt with there! He told me there was a small coming in so I said IT'S MINE!! Ordered and tracked it the whole way to Missouri, where I lived!! Its an awesome jacket!! Ive tracked the ones on ebay and there numbers have been #69,28,73,35,23, and now urs at #33 and mine #9. Looks like the 20's and 30's are Xlarge jackets and higher up like in 60's and 70's are Large jackets. Havent seen the Mediums yet! But if you were a small you definatley have a low #! Since there suppose to be 40 total in US! That would be awesome to hear from everyone who has a jacket!! Keep on making safe gear and jackets, ICON Rules!!!

  5. The jackets in the upper 90's (94-100) went to Japan. They are now in the possession of our exclusive Japanese distributor and long time Icon supporter AFG Moto. The jackets will be at the Toyko Motorcycle Show - stop by and say hi to Akira and Jstyle.

  6. What are the sizes to numbers on these jackets? Where they made in a specific order to numbers to sizes? Like I said before I have #9 and its a small. I tracked other jackets and seen their numbers to sizes!


  7. If anyone has one for sale, or knows anyone looking to sell theirs, I'm looking for a large or extra large :) It's a longshot, but I figure I'd ask :)


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