Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seattle Seventh Seal

Straight from Craigslist Seattle. Just for the record - we didn't write this - but we do very much approve. 

Bad Ass Icon Seventh Seal leather/textile jacket XXL - $200 (Tacoma)

Date: 2010-03-24, 11:10PM PDT

For sale is my Icon Seventh Seal jacket.

It's a serious piece of gear. See for yourself.

There are some issues however.

If you wear this jacket and try to hop on a motorcycle that is less than 600cc, the jacket will take itself off of your pansy ass and BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU for being a WUSS!

That said, it will grudgingly allow you to ride a bike less than a liter, but you'll have to go KILL something on your trip to appease its need for carnage!

This jacket is not for a scooter! If you get within 15 feet of a moped, the jacket will spin you around and lasers will shoot out of the back, disentigrating the Vespa/Faggio.

That's actually pretty cool, and I consider it a feature.

This jacket has limited edition graphic complete with a numbered badge inside. You will be among the few lucky bad ass bastards to own one.

The jacket is too big for me, so for safety reasons, I need to sell it.

It's been ridden for one season, and it's in excellent shape.

It has impact protection in the shoulders, arms, and it has a spine protector.

The liner is included, and it has its own custom print.

If you wear this jacket, and you have a fat, nagging girlfriend, watch out. As soon as she hops on the back, it will swallow her whole and spit out a hot, pierced chick covered in tattoos, and wearing a school girl uniform.

The hot chick won't ride on a scooter either.

These go for $360 new before shipping, and this one is in perfect condition.

Again, see for yourself.

My price is $200. I will entertain REASONABLE offers, or a possible trade for a jacket of similar quality in either L or XL size.

Unreasonable offers will be met with a swift roundhouse kick deliverd by Chuck Norris.

He hates unreasonable offers when kick-ass gear is on the line.

So if you're a bad ass dude who performs his own surgeries, showers with a brillo pad, or stores his contact lenses in habenero extract just for fun, your equally hard-core apparel has arrived!

Rock on. 


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