Thursday, April 1, 2010

Contest - Crazy Days, Bike Nights

Help us find the ultimate bike night spot in the US!

You think your local bike night is the ultimate? Well then snap a few photos and write up a 250-500 word description of what goes down at your weekly/monthly event. Then send it to us. Show us what kind of bikes, gear, and general moto antics go down in your hood. This is your chance to report to the world why you and your crew are where it's at.

The best submission will receive a complete set of the new Icon Sacrifice gear! That's a Sacrifice Contra Jacket, Sacrifice Airframe Helmet and Sacrifice Sub Glove!

To enter: You need to first become a follower of the Icon blog then send us a 250-500 word article about your local bike night - with photos that corroborate your story. Blatantly illegal activities cannot be accepted - Blatant nudity will also be rejected (but appreciated)! Submit your entry to . All entries must be received no later than April 29th, 2010 1700 Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to include your follower name with your submission!!

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