Friday, April 9, 2010


Every so often the Icon Garage Team gets together for a little meeting of the like-minded. A cartridge and shell filled day of spent primers and sore shoulders. Such was the case last Friday. Just outside the Slabtown Survival Compound we met up with Grant aka 'Mack Bolan' for a 2nd Amendment discussion. After a hearty truck stop breakfast of eggs, bacon, and dreamcatchers we mobilized to our secret firing range. Cases were unloaded, targets erected, and magazines emptied. In the end, everyone left with all their fingers still attached and $358 worth of Winchester and Wolf were uselessly dispatched into the dirt. All in all it was a good day. The Constitution is a beautiful thing.

The complete history of 80's firearms in one easy to read paperback 

The Garage Team prepares for the milk jug & cantaloupe genocide - no honeydew is safe when the Benelli is humming

Too close for missiles - switching to Glocks

A distinctive clatter as  'Open-Bolt Jay' puts thirty downrange

In case you're wondering - our Uzi does indeed weigh a ton

Walter bypassing the AR15 in favor of the MAC11 - style over accuracy - well played Sir


  1. that's cool... would love to come partake in the festivities.. you guys have all the fun.

  2. double pistol whipping action... nice!

  3. Any way we can turn this into a riding while firing full auto exhibition?

  4. You guys need to pass over our way in East Stroudsburg PA. We're at the range on the regular.


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