Monday, April 5, 2010

The Slabtown Chronicles "The Delivery"

For those of you just joining the Icon Blog we welcome you. For those of you already following our daily moto-centric commentary welcome back. We're starting April off with an animated short from the mind of our very own Lukas. Set in the steamy underworld of Slabtown it chronicles the Metal God's rise to fame...kinda. Even if it doesn't really explain the Metal God at least it's entertaining and worth three minutes of your company's time. As always stay tuned to the Icon blog for daily updates, behind the scenes drama, special product releases, and general industry irreverence. Better yet - become a follower and add the Icon stream of digitus to your already overwhelmed infofeed... we'll send you a sticker in return.


  1. Very cool! Great job Lukas and Matt!! Huge talent there at Slabtown/Icon.

  2. This is the stupidest ad BLOG new ad campaign is really awful have you seen the ad in Motorcyclist (May 2010 Page 34-5)? It’s a bad ‘Sin City” Frank Miller rip off! Gun’s and Ho’s… I looked at it and said what does this have to do with Motorcycle gear? The company is being led in the wrong direction (by it’s ad agency) and is spending serious money to do it. Too sad, anyone know anyone there to tell them they are way of of line?… I will be voting with my dollars, and someone should let them know.

  3. Thanks for your critique drewbird911 - we were beginning to think no one cared. You see, anytime we put out an ad that generates hate mail we know we've succeeded. It's been that way since our inception (Crash ad, TiMax glove ad, Crossbone Racer ad, etc). Thanks for restoring our faith in humanity.

    And just to clarify a mistake in your response - Icon is a completely self contained entity - we don't use an 'ad agency' or outside 'marketing consultants'. Never have, never will. Unlike our competitors, we are a company of actual riders. We live the lifestyle we portray. Everything you see from Icon -product, print, or video - is generated within the confines of our Slabtown thinkbunker.

  4. Hey guys

    That was pretty sweet.
    HATERS is what makes us popular LOL
    With that being said keep doin what you do. cuz the guys who buy ur gear will alaways stay loyal.I know first hand what keeps me safe.
    Im sold for life the only name ill use for gear is ICON
    Thanks guys

  5. Dude, this should be on cartoon network's |adult swim|

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  7. "Icon is a completely self contained entity"

    Hmm... Tell that to your Parts Unlimited overlords.

    Icon is a joke. I'll tell ya why: Icon makes gear for the part of the sportbike crowd that just doesn't 'get it.' The guys that buy a sportbike, but use it as a cruiser, use it to do wheelies, or just wipe it with a diaper.

    Gear for the street? Yeah right. I ride the street everyday, and there's nothing in the Icon range I could use. Literally nothing. A jacket that zips to my armored pants? A suit with some pucks on it? Some waterproof gear thats more than just an overpriced poncho? Boots with real protection?

    These are things I use damn near everyday; I mean, I can't wear a suit and my commuting gear at the same time...

    The point is that Icon puts form over function, and while thats fine and dandy for the art crowd, this is motorcycle gear we're talking about and it has a job to do.

    Pull your heads out of your asses and build that suit on the cover of Motorcyclist. If its half as good as it looks, I would honestly buy one.

    You guys want to run with the big boys of the gear world? You want respect? You wanna make a buck? Make things that are relevant, and start with a suit.

  8. @ Sean: Just look where Icon started... "FROM THE STREETS...For the streets", if you wanna buy a suit go buy Alpinestars or something..

    Icon is for bad-*ss Hooligan riders who kicks *ss on the streets..

    That's whats make 'm so cool.. if they gonna make some race suits & other stuff like that there just like all the other brands...

    pop some wheelies ;-)

  9. the short was very well done Icon (Luke), keep doing what you do.

    With that being said..




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