Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Kitten

Back in 2008, when gas was close to four bucks a gallon, people got scared…. people got real scared. Would this mean the end of bikes as we know them? Is it time to buy an electric? Should we move to Canada? Some of us went so far as to downsize our daily rider just to save a few pennies for Friday at Slabtown. Others just downsized our wife’s rides so we could continue on in 1100cc bliss. 

Enter the Kitten. Purchased new by an Icon employee to replace his wife’s Suburban as the family grocery getter, it only took a long winter and a little time on E-bay before it faced the inevitable grinder.

230cc’s of unsalted Honda butter. Good for 100mpg and 71.3mph.

Rendering the bike worthless

 Our patented handlebar-weakening process - you know, for fun

Jason Britton sampling the kitten's flavor

They ask: “Why would you do this to a perfectly good bike?”  We ask: “Were you just talking?”

 The true test of any bike comes during the SFRC “Alley Sweeper” Urban Enduro.

Hobo cake from the back-alleys of NE Portland

Headfirst into a wall at 35mph - this is why removing the cross-brace from a set of Renthals is a bad idea

Maybe if we park it nose first the wife won’t notice


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