Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 XDL Championship Series Round 4 - Los Angeles

This past weekend was round four of the 2010 XDL Freestyle Sportbike Series. Held in Los Angeles, the event was rife with the most talented riders in the stunting community. Coming out on top was Icon's very own Nick Apex! Nick took 1st place in individual freestyle and 2nd place in Freestyle Burnout.

Nick showing LA his size tens

Ernie Vigil getting his lean on

Shin Kinoshita doing the ol' no hand no feet trick - BTW Shin is actually a certified Ninja

Nick's winning XDL run


  1. I was there, this was insane, only puts his foot on the ground once in the whole run! You shoulda seen the stoppie "hop" (don't knwo what to call it) at the far side of the track, its too far away to see in the video, but it was insane. Apex killed this event, best stunt rider I've seen. Oh and Ernie and Shin were going all out as well, great team ICON!!!


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