Friday, June 25, 2010


OK, no foolin' this time - it's officially in stock. I know you're getting tired of us Lucy'ing the football away from your Charlie Brown foot. Yes, we should kick our own asses for this screw up. And yes, it's been a busy week at the warehouse filling all the empty racks were we used to have product in stock. But we swear, all that nonsense is fixed now and we've got the goods. In this case the goods are the Alliance Speedmetal helmet - of which I might say puts the good in goods. The odd thing is that, though Speedmetal replaces the hella popular Alliance SSR Speedfreak,  it's actually a completely different lid. Reshaped headform for a better fit, reworked vents for more...venting, better chin vent, proshield with sideplates - the list of new features just keeps going on. It's also a few bucks more than the old helmet but it's seriously worth the extra couple of dollars. So you can officially stop cursing our forecasting and logistic staff for this whole 'out of inventory' fiasco and relish in the glory of new helmetness. But hurry, because I think we're gonna run out of this delivery pretty soon as well. And you'll be left with a Speedmetalless head and a mouth full of curses.

The new Alliance Speedfreak forehead view - Likey? Click here for more info

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