Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Hoenshell Shuttie

A sneak clip from the upcoming Stealth Rider show - it's worth your time to click here

The Hoenshell Shuttie - A minute to learn, a lifetime to master

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  1. My name is DEMON I am a rider in Denver Colorado I was cruisin downtown a couple of weeks ago and I heard that familiar sound we riders know so well. So as the echo of tuned exhaust blast from building to building my heart began to pound, because I could tell by the short burst of motor revs that this was the sound of stunting! But this is diner time who the hell has the balls to stunt right now? I couldn't believe my eyes when I rolled around the corner by union station! Three riders stunting right in front of Union Station! Two lights three cameras and one trailer. The icon reppers themselves NoLimit baby! SPEED guys my dude from fay! They were stunting in one of my fav spots they even hit the alley! they were filming the show in my city! They went to another spot the next day I won't spoil it, you will have to watch the show! This show will be sick! I have stunted in these spots and many others for years! Nice to see them gettin rep on a national stage like SPEED! Thanks for the pic guys. I will see u on TV!


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