Friday, July 16, 2010

Concept & Execution - Battlecry

The following documents the birth of a typical Icon helmet graphic - in this case the Alliance SS Battlecry. This helmet graphic was a combined effort by two artists - local Portland tattoo artist Matthew Mattison and Icon legend Tanner Goldbeck. The resulting graphic went on to be one of the most popular Icon graphics ever produced.

Concept - The initial graphic idea is hand rendered in pencil & pen

Typography - A possible chinbar logo solution is comp'd using computer generated type with hand drawn embellishments

Initial Mockup - The helmet shell is coated with Gesso and then comp'd up with pencil, pen, and marker - this is only the starting point used to determine viability of the graphic

Refined Concept - A computer illustrated concept with initial background concept and a rough type solution

Finished Design - The Illustrator artwork is blended with additional hand drawn background elements and the refined type solution

Final Mockup - The finished vector artwork is printed and then cutout for placement on the mockup shell - this confirms size and placement of graphics prior to tooling

The Finished Helmet - Gloss top coated and ready for the streets, the Alliance SS Battlecry reigned throughout 2006 & 2007

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