Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Motorhead Boot

Sometimes I'm asked what is my favorite Icon product. That is a more difficult question to answer than it may first appear. You see as the Icon Design Director it is my job to be hyper critical of all of the Icon products and advertising. This invariably leads to focus on the flaws, however minute, versus relishing the victories. The desire for perfection it seems, is both a blessing and a curse. That said, every now and again a product comes along that I love unequivocally. The Motorhead boot is one of those products. It was the first, and in my opinion, the best of the low-top MX boot genre. Working equally well on street bikes, street moto, dual-sports, fifties, and quads - the Motorhead boot saved many a foot from some nasty injuries. I still wear my original pair, now almost seven years old. I've crashed in them more times than I care to remember but they keep coming back for more. Yep, I love my Motorheads.

Original pencil sketch circa 2000

Flip side

Production - Black Colorway

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