Monday, July 19, 2010

Icon Turns Up the Volume

See and be seen is what we always say. Have you ever been run over by Cell phone Sally who claimed she didn't see you? Been pulled out in front of because your 'visual signature' wasn't up too Billy Bifocals' legally blind standards? Or perhaps you're just a huge Wham UK fan reliving the glory days of the Jitterbug and Dolphin shorts. Whatever the reason, surely you can appreciate the genius behind the new Alliance Hi-Viz helmet. Not only is it seriously bright for daytime visibility, but the graphics themselves are reflective for vastly increased nighttime peeps. All this on our brand new Alliance shell which features a more oval headform for improved fit, new vents for more airflow, Proshield optics for undistorted viewing, Hydradry interior for increased comfort, etc, etc. 

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