Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alliance Krazy Klown

Coulrophobia, or in laymen's term, a completely rational fear of clowns. It's an extremely common condition usually initiated by a childhood spent near carnivals, hobo encampments, or fast food restaurants. Whatever the cause there is no known cure. Some will tell you that clowns are merely actors with face-paint. Wrong. All clowns are evil demonic demons and desire nothing more than to eat you alive - you know, for fun. Those aren't idle ramblings of the Iconic mind, those are facts.


  1. That is so wrong but oh so right! Dig it.

  2. FUCK!!! Thats beautiful!!! How can I own all these helmets, and not admit to having a problem!

  3. It's OK Mutiny. Think of it as collecting art...gear head style.


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