Saturday, November 6, 2010

Busted and Broken - Jacobs Ladder

I'm driving on the highway on my 07 GSXR600 and some guy in a beat up pick up truck flys by me in the left lane, and I'm like wow what a douche. So seconds later after he is about 10 car lengths ahead of me I see a 22ft extension ladder fly off his truck, now as its bouncing and fliping around, I'm like WTF so I squeeze the brakes to slow down and hopefully avoid it, but it lands right in front of me the long way so I have no choice but to run over it. I make it over the ladder but lost control of the bike The bike fell to the right side then stands back up and high sides me off the left side. Luckily I was wearing my gear, mostly ICON (Hooligan Jacket, Victory Riding Jeans, and Field Armor knee and elbow pads) I had few brush burns but nothing serious and a few bruises but the gear is really what saved me from serious injury. The jacket had a few tears in it, and the jeans have a small blemish/scrape in the knee but didn't tear thru. I'll always wear gear while riding especially ICON because its the best in my opinion. I rolled on the pavement for 60-80ft and I'm truly shocked how well the mesh jacket held up, only had 2 tears and the rubber icon symbol scraped. also the riding jeans had one abrasion on the knee from the initial impact but no tears that went thru. I swear by these jeans! 

Dave M.
Cheektowaga, NY


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