Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bring Out 'Yer Dead

Prior to departing for Europe we reached out for any tips on a few good motorcycle friendly dive bars in Amsterdam. Jeff at COC and Perry at Urban Chopshop pointed us to Excalibur Cafe Bar. During our merrymaking at Excalibur we witnessed all levels of red light debauchery. Dirty thick late thirty something Swedish school teachers making out on the bar with a newly acquired bedazzled silicone friend. An utterly annihilated forgotten son of Wales telling us tall stories of Sean Connery's sister. And a seven foot tall 330lb ex-KGB courier who shot his projectile vomit half way across the canal. This town doesn't exactly want to kill you, but it is up for a little bit of maiming. Needless to say we arrived on foot and left by taxi. Thanks for the tip guys.

Outside there were several indicators that Excalibur may have some club affiliations...

...though the cheery carnival facade seemed inviting enough

Inside Excalibur the walls were decorated with the dead...

...and the bar stools were adorned by those who soon would be

Barkeep Zeed set us up with his preferred elixir, tequila shots with orange slices and cinnamon - unfortunately our money ran out long before our thirst (Rick Steves travel tip - It is VERY expensive to get liquor drunk in Europe)

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