Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Concept and Execution - Variant

Three years ago we set out to redefine the definition of a  "street" motorcycle helmet. Armed with a pencil, paper, massive computing power and the collective knowledge of the Icon design team we crafted the future. The end result is the Variant helmet. A modern interpretation of the urban motorcycle helmet.  We set out to battle our Japanese competitors - and we bested them in every way. Incredible field of view, outstanding ventilation, minimized weight, superior comfort - the list goes on and on. This domination did not happen by accident. It is the culmination of the Icon's staff determination and desire to craft the worlds best helmets. This is our story, this is Variant.

The concepts take shape on the pages of Rob's sketchbook

Early models are used to define the form and verify the function

Full scale rapid prototype model

Early conceptual rendering experimenting with modular colored panels

First we create the puzzle - then we solve it

Visor gasket mechanical drawings

Cylon concept

Pencil - 3D - Render - Magic

Smoothing and blending - sculpting and refining - the final form emerges from the mist

Unleashed upon the world


  1. Excellent work!
    The best street helmet I've ever seen!

  2. Such a slick lookin' lid. I applaud everyone involved.


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