Monday, February 22, 2010

E-Dub Update

As you may recall - Icon rider Ernie Vigil took a footpeg through his heel during a stunt exhibition a number of weeks ago. Thankfully his surgery went well and full recovery is in sight. In his own words...

Just wanted to give you all an update on my injury. So far everything is going really good. I finally had a chance to see a podiatrist last week. They took a few more Xrays to check on the healing process and everything checked out just fine. The surgery took really well and they informed me that my bone was pretty much 100% healed. They asked me to stay off of it for another week or so just to give the callus extra time to strengthen.
I'm hoping to be up and walking by next weekend and hopefully riding by Daytona. Ive already started physical therapy on it and I have full range of motion in my foot and ankle so it will most likely be a lot strength condioning to build my leg back up. Right now the one thing that is slowing me down is the healing of the lasceration. Its all scabbed up but is taking forever to regenerate skin due to how deep it was. Its closing though little by little. I cant wait until its all back to normal so I can jump back in the saddle. Im dying to get back on and shred! This downtime has given me all sorts of new trick ideas. Now if I can just get the deeds foot back to where it was I'll be good to go! Thanks again for all your help and support. I appreciate it!
Hope all is well.
P.S. Im pretty proud of my new foot hardware. Inch long lag screws are magical!

The smile's back and all is right with the world

The magical titanium lags holding the calcaneus together

Pass me the teriyaki jerky

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