Thursday, February 25, 2010

Icon Leather

It all begins with the Icon cows. They are the bullies of the herd - some are tagged mad, others have done hard time. Icon cows can sometimes be seen grazing in solitude on the lone highway. They shouldn't be approached - in time you will see them again in the form of quality motorcycle jackets bearing the Icon name.  Until then do not make eye contact with the hoofed beasts - it's a sign of aggression and the resulting altercation you will most assuredly lose.

They forced her to hate

Our official license to brand

We had our local blacksmith make us a brand - the rebar handle is so 'icon' 

Applied with grace and conviction to the left flank of our belligerent herd - and yes it f'in hurts 

If you have a problem with leather, red meat, dairy, farming, ranching, hunting, logging, etc. than Icon may not be the brand for you. The fact is we treat our livestock with respect and dignity. But we also enjoy a good cheeseburger and a fine leather jacket. Both of which are difficult to come by without, um...dispatching the cow. It's a fact of life. 


  1. I heard they serve ICON beef at the Acropolis...

  2. WoW!! A cheeseburger and a jacket at the same time! ICON is always on top of things!


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