Tuesday, February 16, 2010


From the Icon Garage Team archives we present the Icon KLR, aka Killer. As we mentioned before - we ride everything. The KLR, except for being completely gutless, is an awesome bike. Ours was modded with 17" wheels from Banke Performance, scavenged Buell Uylssess bits, Braking SM front brakes, RaceTech modded KLX650 front end, FMF can, and some other stuff which I forget. She road like a dream - like a green tank on a sea of asphalt marshmallow. If she had had 20 more hp she'd still be in the Icon stable. Alas, even with all the mods she lacked that certain thing the French call I don't know what. (Side note - if you are a beginning rider and don't mind tippy-toeing at stoplights than buy a used KLR. All things considered it is still the finest all-around bike on the planet.) 

Suspension and brake upgrades are a must before attempting any real urban hooliganism - the stock stuff is horrid

Everyone should own a KLR at some point in their life - and then sell it for a loss

Custom caliper relocation bracket - mirror polished like the social skills of most KLR pilots

The coveted golden footpeg award given to anyone who can beat a Gixxer Six (i.e. Shawn) with a Killer650 (i.e. Kurt) 

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  1. "Everyone should own a KLR at some point in their life - and then sell it for a loss"

    Done that.


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